Announcing “Public Health: What’s Digital Got to Do with It?”

Public health and social media have more in common than a strong association with the term “viral”. Both provide compelling illustrations of seemingly small actions reverberating in big ways.

For example, one lone voice in the wilderness of the web can ignite a firestorm strong enough to shake up a multi-national company, bring down a public official, or help propel someone from obscurity to international fame. Similarly, the health of the public can be significantly affected by the actions of just one person—whether Salk, the Surgeon General, the school nurse, or Sam, the drug addict.

So what happens when you put innovative digital tools and public health efforts together? How are hospitals, public health systems, doctors, NGOs and companies harnessing digital media to positively affect the health of individuals and their communities? How can the digital revolution be harnessed to further the overall goals of public health around the world? And on the flip side, how are individuals utilizing digital tools to obtain personal health information?

Public Health: What’s Digital Got to Do with It?” is a panel discussion sponsored by TogoRun that will approach these very questions. Held June 15th at the Pew Research Center  during Washington DC’s <a href="http://www why not try this”>Digital Capital Week (June 11–20), panelists will discuss a range of topics including how American adults with chronic disease use the Internet for health information, how public hospitals and health systems utilize digital mediums to reach their local communities and the larger medical community, and how (and which) digital tools are being used to reach specific populations and shape public health policy and practice in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Panelists Susannah Fox from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, Maya Linson from  National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, and Erin Enke, a Digital Strategist from TogoRun will dive into all matters related to public health and digital innovation.

Moderator Dr. Val Jones, the President and CEO of Better Health, will bring her unique perspective to the discussion and I’ll be providing opening remarks.

Members of the health community, communicators, government officials and those with an interest in social media are invited to attend. Register now for what is sure to be an interesting discussion and join the digital conversation by following us on Twitter (@TogoRun) and using the hashtag #digitalhealth. If you want to hear more about TogoRun digital case studies, be sure to introduce yourself at the event or Tweet me (@annewoodbury). The conversation starts now.