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Neil’s Notes-Taking a Look at the Media

The New York Times reports on a Cornell University study  that measured how blogs can help influence and lengthen a news cycle. For the most part, blogs still follow the mainstream media, but the study found that 3.5 percent of stories originated with a blog. Continue reading

Passion for Passion Grants

When it was announced that TogoRun would provide modest grants to employees to pursue our personal interests, I was in disbelief.  We were in the midst of the worst economic crisis in decades and the idea that our firm would financially enable us to do something that we feel passionate about Continue reading

What We Learn When Celebrities Die: Part One

Since Michael Jackson’s death last week, the outpouring of tributes to his musical genius has been joined by a flood of media coverage about Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), which caused the singer’s collapse and demise.   If there’s one certainty about celebrity death, it’s that we’re bound to hear a lot about the cause, especially Continue reading

Nordstrom, Gracious Home and TogoRun

In the seminal book on improving customer service, “WAYMISH (Why Are You Making It So Hard for Me to Give You My Money),” authors Ray Considine and Ted Cohn note a few dozen cases of really good and really bad service. Continue reading

Why I’m Staying in New York and Not Moving to Seattle or Detroit

When traveling on business, I quickly scan the headlines of the free USA Today at the hotel, but I prefer grabbing the local daily, such as the Indianapolis Star when I travel to our client, Continue reading

Words that Matter

Knowledge. Fidelity. Endurance.  Not three words that we naturally think of when we think of public affairs.  But we should.  In my experience, these three values are keys to a successful public affairs campaign -especially in healthcare. Continue reading

Good Service in a Bad Economy

There have been dozens, if not hundreds, of news articles counting the many good things that have come out of the current bad economy. On its Web site, Redbook says there are 10, Continue reading

The Intersection of Commitment to Our Clients and Compassion for the Patient

As a healthcare agency, sharing our clients’ commitment to addressing health concerns requires a certain degree of compassion. Among our many promises to our clients is that we will put our “hearts and souls” into our work Continue reading

Knowledge, Fidelity and Endurance

Two weeks after the launch of TogoRun, congratulatory calls and emails have poured in from colleagues and clients, friends and family.  The story of Togo, the unstoppable hero of the Nome Serum Run, and especially our tagline — “Knowledge.  Fidelity. Endurance.” — seem to have struck a chord with many. Continue reading