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mHealth—innovation platform or app trap?

MobileHealthMonitorA report produced by Transparency Market Research predicts the mHealth market will be worth $10.2 billion globally by 2018. This is being propelled by both an increase in smartphone adoption and in the number of individuals with chronic diseases. Similarly, nonprofit foundation Rock Health tracked a 46 percent jump in spending in digital health between 2011 and 2012, with a total value figure of $1.4 billion. Interestingly, Rock Health found four main spending areas, specifically: health consumer engagement ($237M), personal health tools and tracking ($150M), EMR/EHR (electronic medical records/electronic health records; $108M) and hospital administration ($78M).

Looking at these spends begs the following question: Is this flurry of activity the act of genuine healthcare innovation forging into the digital space – or merely the repurposing of long-existent digital technologies now re-branded and pointed at the healthcare market? Continue reading