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mHealth—innovation platform or app trap?

MobileHealthMonitorA report produced by Transparency Market Research predicts the mHealth market will be worth $10.2 billion globally by 2018. This is being propelled by both an increase in smartphone adoption and in the number of individuals with chronic diseases. Similarly, nonprofit foundation Rock Health tracked a 46 percent jump in spending in digital health between 2011 and 2012, with a total value figure of $1.4 billion. Interestingly, Rock Health found four main spending areas, specifically: health consumer engagement ($237M), personal health tools and tracking ($150M), EMR/EHR (electronic medical records/electronic health records; $108M) and hospital administration ($78M).

Looking at these spends begs the following question: Is this flurry of activity the act of genuine healthcare innovation forging into the digital space – or merely the repurposing of long-existent digital technologies now re-branded and pointed at the healthcare market? Continue reading

Moving from “quantity” to “quality” in mHealth begins by listening to HCPs

In communications, it’s long been the case that those individuals most at-ease with change, who are fleet-of-foot and willing to embrace the latest trends and platforms, are lauded for their foresight in being true innovators and trendsetters.

Yet in healthcare communications, the requirement to practice within an environment that remains heavily regulated has fostered an atmosphere of significant caution and conservatism. As such, individuals who have championed forward-thinking have regularly been dismissed as optimists, at best, and, at worst, reckless and endangering.

But if ever we needed reminding of the absolute necessity to embrace forward-thinking, it’s in the lessons being learned in the digital space and, in particular, mHealth.

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