From Intern to AAE

Jesse Tarlton at TogoRun. Photo: Jen Scattereggia

The word “intern” is often synonymous with getting coffee, running errands and other menial office tasks — but this is not the case with TogoRun’s internship program.

I regarded the internship program as a tryout; a chance to prove myself, and I was given the opportunities and resources to do so. I immediately became involved in different account work, working closely with all levels of staff, and doing work that had a purpose — I was creating an actual communications “product,” and that is the best thing you can ask for as an intern.

From writing articles and newsletters, to editing slide decks and researching new business opportunities, the internship gave me the chance to showcase my skills while constantly challenging what I thought I knew about public relations.

Overall, it helped let me expand my skillset and, ultimately, led to a full time position; I guess my tryout went well!

The transition from intern to Assistant Account Executive (AAE) was seamless and not overwhelming. Even at this early stage my responsibilities have increased and I look forward to this trend continuing as I advance my career.

I have remained working on the accounts I was assigned to as an intern, which eases the learning curve, since I am already familiar with team members, workload and clients.  But since being promoted, I have become more entrenched in various aspects of the accounts I work on — dealing on a more direct basis with clients — and have been given more freedom as I continue to gain the trust of my colleagues.

The internship program and my first several weeks as an AAE have been a great experience, and have helped me to go straight from school into the professional world. I am grateful for the opportunities TogoRun gave me as intern, but I am also proud of my ability to demonstrate my value and secure a full-time position.