Millions of Steps & Counting!

PR Team at TogoRun to get more TogoFit™ during Employee Wellbeing Month in June

For the past year, TogoRun, a leading healthcare communications agency, has been creating a healthy workplace—one employee at a time—via TogoFit, its signature, employee wellness initiative tamiflu price. To mark the 8th Annual Employee Wellbeing Month (EWM) in June, TogoRun, a proud EWM supporter, is encouraging team members to participate in a number of wellness activities throughout the month, culminating in the 2nd Annual TogoFit Games.

TogoFit is a voluntary, socially-integrated initiative that challenges employees to get or stay fit by maximizing their daily steps and active minutes, and tracking their progress via FitBit. Each workday begins with an e-letter focused on positive lifestyle habits, including healthy recipes and exercises, in addition to daily tracking of employees’ steps, distance and active minutes. In recognition of EWM, TogoFit will challenge employees to increase their focus on personal health and fitness through participation in TogoRunning Club Tuesdays, Workout Video Wednesdays and healthy potlucks. At the finish line of EWM will be the TogoFit Games, from June 20-24, a week of short physical activity challenges that will test strength and fitness across TogoRun offices.

To mark the start of EWM, TogoRun is sharing the “TogoFit Five”—five health and wellness tips from five TogoRun employees who consistently rank in the TogoFit top tier:

  1. “Walk when possible. Take a stroll around the office or around the block, and think twice before driving somewhere that is within walking distance.”
    • Amy Thomas, Account Supervisor
  2. “Don’t fear the plank. Planks are a static exercise—meaning the body stays in one position—require no equipment, and can be performed just about anywhere. They’re an excellent, low-impact way to strengthen your core.”
    • Sofia Perry, Administrative Assistant
  3. “Enjoy your exercise. Make sure you like the activity you choose so it doesn’t become a chore.”
    • Jessica Greenman, Senior Account Executive
  4. “Wake up and workout. Check it off your list and enjoy the positive benefits all day long.”
    • Kelly Sousa, Account Supervisor
  5. “Walk with purpose everywhere you go and wear your FitBit to mark your progress. But don’t forget to treat yourself. You deserve it!”
    • Gloria M. Janata, JD, President and Senior Partner

“Health and wellness doesn’t just define our award-winning communications work at TogoRun—it also embodies who we are and how we strive to live each day,” said Gloria M. Janata, JD, president and senior partner. “In reality, every month is Employee Wellbeing Month at TogoRun, but EWM give us an excuse to step it up!”

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