One Sweet Idea

We have all been exchanging Valentine’s Day cards and gifts most of our lives – candy hearts and Spider-man fold-outs in elementary school, roses and chocolates on the way to a fancy restaurant, and maybe even something sparkly, packaged in a small box.

But what really stands out about gifts, no matter what form they may take, is the thinking behind them.

Our thinking was simple: everyone loves cookies, and everyone loves receiving valentines. Okay, so they were dog bone-shaped cookies, not heart shaped ones.  But nevertheless, handing out these sweet treats to our neighboring offices, along with homemade greeting cards from TogoRun DC, was more than just a midday pick-me-up. It provided our office neighbors a snapshot of the people and <a href="http://usavipcasinos redirected”>online roulette principles that make our company so distinctive.

TogoRun has built a foundation on three pillars: knowledge, fidelity, and endurance. In this Valentine’s Day venture, we knew that cookies could get the attention of our neighbors, but the strongest connection happened unexpectedly.

Jenna Huntsberger, the baker who created these TogoRun treats, had to tap into these same principles after running into some confectionary conundrums.  Like the dog (and our namesake) Togo who went to great lengths to deliver the diphtheria serum to Nome, Alaska through a ferocious storm, Jenna went to great lengths (and through extreme winter weather) to deliver these cookies to us.

Check out Modern Domestic where our blogging baker describes her efforts to overcome DC’s blizzard, bare-shelved grocery stores, and cookie dough woes to deliver her creative TogoRun-themed treats.