Freshman Health BookHappy New Year from all of us at TogoRun! We wanted to start the year off with a fresh look at the stakeholders who will be driving much of the health policy work in Washington, DC. Yesterday, Congress swore in the 113th Congressional Freshman Class. Simultaneously, TogoRun released our powerful new resource: THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK. We’ve heard that this resource is already proving to be an excellent tool for our clients, the media and the broader health care advocacy community.

THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK examines each new member’s health care-specific background and identifies his/her positions on key health care issues, such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), medical innovation, children’s health, mental health, Medicare, physician reimbursement, reproductive rights and veterans’ health. Each member’s profile offers insights and perspectives that may help advocates find common ground for engagement.

THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK goes beyond sharing information on the new member profiles. We also offer an analysis on the health care policy narrative during the election and what we think will be developing stories for 2013. Here is an excerpt:

We found that many of the key takeaways are less about what was said, and more about what was omitted… ACA has vast implications beyond coverage and we explore some of those angles in THE UNTOLD STORIES OF ACA [a section of the HEALTHBOOK]... The stories scarcely discussed in the public forums were provisions of the bill related to quality improvement and innovation in care delivery. For example, few people discussed the creation of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation, support around accountable care or value-based purchasing or the advancement of evidence-based medicine and comparative effectiveness. While these stories may be more challenging to communicate, they are important elements of ACA and critical to understanding the law’s full scope.

With ACA as the law of the land and presumably endorsed in concept by the November election results, proponents of these less visible provisions can evolve the ACA narrative beyond insurance expansion and into other areas that describe its potential to improve patient care and curb costs — provisions that may be less polarizing.  

THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK is symbolic of the kind of expertise and counsel we at TogoRun bring to the table. Because we are senior strategic counselors who have worked in a variety of disciplines – on the client and the agency side, in for-profit and non-profit organizations and at the federal, state and local levels of government-we bring a rich integrated approach to raising awareness, influencing policy and driving change.

THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK is part of a larger policy offering from TogoRun that includes This new online resource is dedicated to improving health care policy advocacy, while building brand reputation, by bringing together the functions of strategic communications and public, government and regulatory affairs.

We hope THE FRESHMAN HEALTHBOOK helps you jump start your 2013 advocacy efforts. Over the next several days, we will continue to offer analysis and insights gleaned from the research at  For the latest updates, follow us on Twitter at @hcpolicymatters.