When Brands Bark: A Genuine Voice Always Resonates

I can’t help it. I love the work that Edelman does around the trust barometer. Yes, I know, they are a competitor, but I respect great work no matter who does it. And Edelman’s brand work is great. Their latest study nicely articulates the evolution of how we should be thinking about brands. Consumers want “meaningful” interactions with brands. This goes beyond having their desires met (i.e., product reliability) and feeding their emotional needs of safety, love, esteem, etc. Consumers want brands focused on societal demands. This “cultural currency” is emerging as a key brand preference.

This is a perfect dovetail with the great work FleishmanHillard is also doing on the Authenticity Index. It released research in 2013 about the behaviors of authentic companies. Consumers identified nine drivers that can be grouped in three essential strands: management behavior, customer benefits and society outcomes. The research showed that for consumers, attributes related to corporate behavior (management behavior and impact on society) matter as much as those associated with customer care.

That is one of the reasons I think TogoRun resonates with clients – we are authentic. We know that success is not a matter of size but of daring and determination. We truly are inspired by the untold story of Togo, the husky who saved an Alaskan town in 1925. Across all our offices, the spirit of Togo is in everything we do and we challenge each other to mimic the courage, craftsmanship, creativity and commitment he demonstrated to accomplish his heroic feat.

We borrow from Togo’s rich cultural currency. Our commitment goes well beyond our drive to provide clients the best agency experience of their careers. We love helping our clients change the world. We dig deep to find their untold stories – about how they are innovating to fight disease, helping patients and improving the quality of life. We are masterful navigators working to connect their direct value to patients with the larger impact on public health, including lowering the cost to the system.

We also deliver breakthrough strategic communications that incite change. Great research, good intentions and being on the right side of an issue is simply not enough to illicit the massive societal change many of our clients can achieve. We get great satisfaction creating campaigns that move the needle on a public health issues like infectious disease, diabetes and cancer.

We do it because we love it. Our success is not measured in the many awards we’ve won but in knowing that our efforts have disrupted the status quo and improved the health and well-being of others. Although, I will say, it does feel great to be recognized by our peers with PR WEEK’S International Agency of the Year and to be a finalist for PR NEWS award for Best Advocacy Campaigns. And did I mention they voted us a Best Place to Work?

I love the TogoRun brand. It inspires me every day. Thank you FH and Edelman for giving me a framework to articulate why. Woof, Woof!

P.S. We are growing by leaps and bounds in all of our offices – NY, DC, LA and London – so if you want to jump on the sled, email us your resume!



About TogoRun

TogoRun (www.togorun.com) is an award-winning, full-service global health and well-being communications and public affairs agency with offices in New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and London. The agency specializes in integrated marketing and communications, branding and positioning, advocacy and government affairs, issues and crisis management, and corporate communications and social responsibility.